About Us

All American Inspection, Inc is a family owned business and has operated successfully since 1995. We specialize in providing DSA and OSHPD projects with the most qualified project inspectors and special inspectors in the industry. We have built a company resume comprised of thousands of successful projects ranging from modular classroom buildings to multi-story DSA and OSHPD construction projects. Throughout the years we have provided both in-plant and on-site inspection services to a diverse collection of DSA and OSHPD projects. No project is too small or too large for our company to undertake.

From the time the company was started to the present day, it has been our goal to provide our clients with the kind of service that leads to repeat business and trusted relationships. The large amount of projects on our company resume for any one given client testifies to the success of this effort. On each of the projects we are a part of, our inspectors work as members of a team, representing your interests first and foremost, with the successful closing of the project as their goal from day one.

Finally, it is with great pride that we tell you that All American Inspection, Inc. operates as a debt-free company. We have never declared bankruptcy, we have never taken out a loan to cover expenses, and we have never operated under any other name.

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to providing you with a proposal for your next project.

Meet Our Team

  • Stewart Douglas
    Stewart Douglas Director of Field Operations, Lead Inspector

    Stewart has over 31 years of construction experience on school and hospital projects with 25 years as a project inspector. He’s been the lead inspector and has supervised up to 20 project inspectors on numerous ongoing projects. Stewart has inspected all phases of construction throughout his career and has provided outstanding service at every level of each project.

  • Stacey Douglas
    Stacey Douglas Owner

    Stacey has owned and operated All American Inspection Inc. since the inception of the company in 1995. She has been in the construction industry since 1983 and has acquired, coordinated, and managed countless projects. Her expertise in customer service, contract management, and project estimation along with her unwavering reliability has facilitated the long-lasting relationships that All American Inspection has maintained throughout the years.